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I enjoy video games, crafting things, sewing and reblogging fandom related posts.
But above all I love drawing.

What you're most likely to find here: unrestrained obsession and admiration

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Wonder Bar, 1934

yes good mm

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Hi there! It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? It’s about time we showed off another Date or Die contestant! (But first, maybe look back at Hero and Mesmer to refresh your memory of how cute our cast is?)

Six is a shy, polite ???. They’ve lived a very sheltered existence in a fairly isolated commune, coming from a long line of spirit mediums. Most of her time has been spent honing her mediumship abilities and ability to communicate with spirits under the watchful guidance of her family and other people at the commune. People from all over travel to see them, often asking for help speaking to a deceased loved one - closure Six is honored and happy to provide. Believing that every life has value, he cares deeply about others (even strangers), often to the point of neglecting his own needs. Will Six’s unique talents help the other contestants escape, or will she become one of the ghosts she speaks to?


  • He loves cooking, especially baking - any sweet you’ve even heard of, he’ll be delighted to make!
  • They don’t get along with Mesmer. Mesmer thinks Six is an incredibly convincing con artist and doesn’t believe in their ability to speak to the dead, an accusation that upsets them to no end.
  • She has a secret fondness for cheesy romance novels and shoujo manga, and kept an enormous stash under her bed at home to read at night.
  • Six’s nickname comes from the movie The Sixth Sense… The Host isn’t very creative with these names.

Character art done by art team member Julian, who you can also support on Patreon! Follow the Date or Die dev blog or twitter for updates to learn more about the game!

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it was gonna be animated but it just wouldnt go right

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Me getting up in the morning like 

Hittin’ the keyboard like

Friends comin’ online like


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I love Phoenix and Maya’s relationship ‘cause during investigations it’s
but in court it’s

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writing seminar more like wmyblaugh.mp3


Just started watching and reading One Piece, WHAT A SHAME that I didn’t do so earlier.

Luffy is just precious ;;; ;


Guten Morgen, cal-cla! Ich hoffe, du hast einen wunderschönen Tag. Viele Grüße an deinen Vater.

Hach, ich liebe euch alle. Ja klar, wenn du ihm den Kontext auch gleich miterklärst.