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And you too, hopefully!!
I enjoy video games, crafting things, sewing and reblogging fandom related posts.
But above all I love drawing.

What you're most likely to find here: unrestrained obsession and admiration

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gender? ha, yeah, i totally have one of those, definitely, there’s some sort of a gender around here somewhere, gimme a second

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Tide and marrow.

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life is hard when you’re luffy’s favorite


Wheee~ Obligatory #inktober sketch of Cassandra Pentaghast from #DAI. #art #fanart

Collab with The Amazing fowo - my sketch and her everything on top of it!

She was complaining that while I claim that the coats are most important to me, I’ve never actually included them in … compromising drawings. WELL HERE WE GO


the legendary clan of “D”, who are said to be the natural enemies of god.

fear them

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daily reminder i read the tags you put on my art like the morning paper so every time you insult or compliment a thing, i see that.


guess who my favourite good omens character is

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