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Yeah I don’t think Oda intended it but Law’s tats really remind me of that. Also :”’D I’m so happy my post helped inspired that piece; it’s instantly one of my fave Law pictures ever.

I’m so flattered! This was a fantastic unintended collaboration then! xD

By the by - if anyone is interested in higher resolutions of my artings, just say so. I usually have files twice the size lying around.

this post pineappleheadmarco.tumb… ?!

YES!! Thanks for linking it to me!

I love your thoughts on his tattoos a lot, the comparison to the Virgen de Guadalupe might be a bit far fetched (Oda strikes me as straight forward in his character designs), but I think it’s a rad as heck theory.

And thanks for sharing my love for catholic imagery ;w; (though admittedly I only know very little from what my family told me and some wiki pages ahaha) (I was worried it might be inappropriate to post that fanart, but I figured it’s okay from one artist to another…)

Someone pointed out that Law’s tattoo kinda looks like the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And well, my first contact with that was La Virgen de los Dolores (Our Lady of Sorrows) in which said heart is stabbed by seven daggers. It left quite the impression on my (presumably) 7yo self.

There might or might not be a special hell for people drawing Law as the Virgin Mary. We’ll see.

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more like hug point amirite

senpai values my opinion. gotta stay cool. HEY DO YOU WANT TO PROOFVIEW MY VIRGIN MARY FUCKUP


im sorry but if you think portgas d rogue’s “story” wasnt monstrously gross then maybe you need to step backk, reevaulate your life, and then set yourself on fire

German one-word horror story (via germannn)

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