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I enjoy video games, crafting things, sewing and reblogging fandom related posts.
But above all I love drawing.

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I challenged my dear cal-cla to the redraw meme! And because she’s my domestic boyfriends senpai, (after hours and hours of contemplating if I dare draw Aziraphale and Crowley) I chose to redraw one of my favourite Lawlu pictures by her, which you can find here. It kicked off an entire series that I very much enjoyed (and that was before I re-joined the OP fandom, mind you) so it only seemed fitting to make a tribute.

My version turned out completely different than hers (with what the way I draw faces, sheesh), but I guess that’s kind of the point of the meme. I really enjoyed working on this though, because I’m… really not…good at… dorky domestic scenes which she’s a master in so this was very exciting and new for me!

Aaah words cannot describe what all this - gestures wildly - makes me feel, but oh well: Thanks so much for suggesting to do the meme and for choosing this and for drawing it and write a nice post on top of it.

Like, it makes me really really happy and proud to see you enjoy my creations and being inspired by them (I guess?). And important, too, is you enjoying what I enjoy, because what is fandom if you can’t share it? I have a long history of driving people away from things I like, so seeing the complete opposite is very special to me. uwu

Also, those two, seriously adorable. And your style? Wicked.



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they did it on mythbusters
someone who’s about to win an argument (via literatechick)

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Oda made ​​sketches of the exterior design of all the characters (after time script)

Robin would look like this.)

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Big Baby

I apologize for my involvement.

naaah don’t

My relationship with op might be complicated, but as long as I’m on this fandom train I might as well ride it to the end

Or well, till I get bored for a year or two or five and come back, as usual.

"i’ll take a break from op"

8/10 posts on the first page are op

Asker calgaras Asks:
Our frustration with Oda's treatment of Rebecca would be a different story if Oda hadn't promised us so much with her. She was introduced as the UNDEFEATED WOMAN, the had Observation Haki, she PROMISED she would protect Soldier-san. Instead she's been beaten and humiliated and saved repeatedly, making her nothing but empty words. Oda gave us an amazing woman we could appreciate, and then undercut her into a helpless victim. She's not her own character anymore. She's a prop for Kyros to save
cal-cla cal-cla Said:


that is exactly it. You are the best with words, Calgaras-senpai.


Rule of thumb: Boyfriend’s sweater is always the most comfortable. Especially if the boyfriend is like half a meter taller

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