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Here it finally is! :> It’s the card I gave Hideo Baba at the AnimagiC last month.

I had been panicking over it for weeks, especially since I had to do it in a few days because I ran out of time. D8 I tried to convey my deep gratitude for Tales of because it is a series like no other. I also got my friends to sign it! \o/

From what I could tell Hideo Baba was really happy! Then again he always seems to be?! But there was little time and I was afraid to make everyone in the line behind me wait.

But! Totally worth it. And remember kids, when you want to keep a friendship forever, just play a Tales game together! Even if duct tape has to be involved.

Mh on a vaguely related note… I’d really like to make something for the Tales crew as a team in case I meet Hideo Baba again. Alas, it’s a long shot!

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    August 2012
  2. rooiphine said: Very nicely done! I’m so happy you had a great time : ))
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    I, too, am eternally grateful for Tales of and the Power of Friendship it taught me!Also, my name’s on that card :D
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